“You are afraid that we will come and kill you in the street”: the youtuber Léna Situations denounces the cyberbullying that targets her

Insults and threats of incredible violence. To inaugurate her traditional August vlogs, the youtuber Léna Situations wanted to denounce, this Sunday, the violence of the cyberharassment of which she has been the victim in recent months.

Accustomed to unpleasant remarks, the youtuber explains that she experienced an upsurge in hateful comments in August 2021. For no apparent reason, many Internet users targeted her, going so far as to target relatives of the young woman.

“It went beyond the virtual world, to go outside my mother’s house to press the intercom to harass her again and again, to call her on the phone so many times until she cuts her line because it ‘was too much,’ testifies the influencer followed by more than two million people on YouTube. “We found the phone of my grandmother who lives in Algeria to call her and tell her that her granddaughter was a big s****e. »

“Are you afraid that we will attack your loved ones”

“When I’m in the street, when I’m on my trott’, when guys stop me to make a snap (…) once the snap is on they say look who we are with, Léna the fat p**e of Seb la Frite, we hate you “, remembers the star, the first French influencer to have been invited to the prestigious Met Gala.

Her relationship with YouTuber Seb la frite has also been affected. Some Internet users have sent him messages saying “drop your girl, she’s a bitch, she doesn’t respect you, she doesn’t love you”, she says. “We sent profiles of girls to Seb to say can I present it to you? “.

The threats and insults, numbering in the dozens on social networks, were such that Léna Situations, Léna Mahfouf of her real name, says she suffered psychologically. “You’re afraid we’ll ring your mother’s doorbell, you’re afraid we’ll attack your loved ones, you’re afraid we’ll come and kill you in the street,” she confides, adding: “I spent entire days lying in bed, not even having the strength to take a shower. »

To date, the star, followed by more than 3.8 million people on Instagram, does not explain the reasons for this relentlessness deemed “irrational and disproportionate”. “What pisses me off is that I can’t put reason on it, it’s because I’m here, and because I’m a girl,” she says.

And to conclude: “I invite the others who allow themselves to criticize my mif’, harass them, harass my audience, I invite you all to go fuck yourselves, we are going to have a great summer, it’s out of the question that it continues. »

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