With “The Gray Man”, Netflix brings out the big artillery and misses its target

Ignorance of the budget of The Gray Man would perhaps have made these two hours of absurd violence tolerable, during which corpses and ruins accumulate. But here is a film at 200 million dollars (200 million euros), directed by blockbuster specialists, the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, who brought the saga to an end. avengers for the Marvel house. By comparing this sum (the price of forty Himars missiles, to take another destructive commodity) to the result that has been displayed on the screens of Netflix subscribers since July 22, we can only rehash again and again the eternal questions on the platform’s inability to generate spectacular, quality entertainment features.

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The only issue that will keep the public in suspense is therefore not the victory or defeat of Six, the hitman employed by the CIA played by Ryan Gosling (well… that’s a very big word for a character as schematic), but to the effect that The Gray Man on the performance of Netflix, on the platform market and on the stock market.

Morals and aesthetics would like the multinational of Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos to be punished for this bad action. Adapted from a spy novel by Joe Russo, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the script takes up figures so worn that we see everything through: what will happen to the next sequence, the psychology of the characters and even the end of the movie. Obviously open, since it is a question here of providing Netflix with what it sorely lacks in terms of feature films – an infinitely declinable franchise.

gifted with evil

Thanks to rejuvenation software, we discover a juvenile inmate of the American penitentiary system (Ryan Gosling), to whom a recruiter (Billy Bob Thornton) promises freedom despite his conviction for murder. This freedom depends on the detainee’s willingness to commit further murder in defense of US interests.

Eighteen years later, we find the young man, marked by the years, on a mission to Bangkok, where he must liquidate a “very bad guy” (in English in the text, the dialogues are less than scintillating) on ​​the order of a hierarch of the CIA, whose neat dress and diplomas (he comes from Harvard) hardly inspire confidence, even if he sports the advantageous physique of Regé-Jean Page. During the mission, Six realizes that he is contributing to the extermination of the group to which he belongs, baptized Sierra.

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