With 179 billion in cash and securities, what could Apple afford? (Netflix, Twitter…)

Last night, Apple did not fail in tradition and let some very interesting information pass during the call for results! According to Luca Maestri, the Californian firm currently has 179 billion dollars in cash and securities (including 60 billion in cash). It also has to pay off $3 billion in maturing debt and has $120 billion in total debt.

Obviously, this jackpot stay very important, although it has been even more impressive in the past. Also, during the questions and answers, an analyst asked if Cupertino had acquisition plans in Servicesfor to accelerate their growth by reviewing external products to purchase.

Of course, accustomed to this kind of questioning, Tim Cook drowned the fish by talking about strategy and saying he was always open to any possibility (whoops!): We always watch and wonder how timely such a move would be, and we never buy just to buy or buy for income. We would really buy something strategic. To date we have focused on small acquisitions of IP and people but I wouldn’t rule anything out for the future and obviously we are constantly monitoring the market.

This isn’t the first time the CEO has been asked about Apple’s acquisition of major companies. Last April, he had already said that the firm was still integrating talent and that major acquisitions were not ruled out if they made sense. According to some market analysts, Apple should buy companies like Peloton, the famous manufacturer of cycles and connected products (see here), or even Netflix. Previously, there had even been talk of Tesla or Disney…. Some might even add Twitter to the list…

It should be noted that for this quarter, Services are following a new unfailing growth (+12.11% over one year), going from 17.486 billion to $19.604 billion in a single quarter. These include iTunes, Apple Music, AppleCare, Apple Pay, revenue from licenses but also Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. In this section, Cupertino also places income from Apple Music Voice, Fitness + or even AppleOne !

With 179 billion in cash and securities, what could Apple afford?  (Netflix, Twitter...)

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