Will the Apple Car ever arrive?

So 8 years so that we are talking about the potential arrival of a car signed or stamped Apple. At the time, the project was supposedly carried out in the greatest secret and the brand at the apple would have even poached several sizes of engineering from major manufacturers.

In the manner of Loch Ness Monster, this car project resurfaces at maturity, but no one can see anything. Or know nothing. A survey has just been carried out on this subject by The Information website whose journalists had the opportunity to discuss with a twenty people involved in the project which therefore existed. The situation is funny.

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We learn in particular that the manufacturer ofiPhone and of Mac (among others) probably sin of overconfidence for this car project and in particular for the autonomous aspect of this car. Indeed, Apple would have embarked on the software development which would never have been tested in reality (contrary to what Tesla is doing by gradually adding its autonomous functionalities, or even Waymo Where Google).

It is therefore not very surprising that this development was ultimately a failure since, by the very admission of those interviewed, the software in question was not not able to detect obstacles and adapt driving. Boring.

Project Titan


Apple has therefore shown a little too much ambition. Like that also of developing a totally new car, which is not an easy task (platform, electrical architecture, ground connections). It seems that the specialists recruited for the titan project (that was his name) have so quickly quits due to lack of management support. Some have also fatigued themselves by staging demonstrations on pre-determined routes and with unreliable technology.

Apple Titan

The Information also reports that several accidents have already taken place. Or were narrowly avoided, as last January when the theoretically autonomous car almost knocked over a pedestrian. The miracle took place, but only thanks to the intervention of the human driver in charge of supervising the machine…

What about Apple’s car?

Well, the project still exists and it’s still in development, which sounds mind-boggling. Indeed, according to the news site, more than 1,000 people work there still full time and investments from the brand to the pump amount to $1 billion per yeari.e. 1/22e total investment in research and development.

It's been 8 years since Apple dangled the arrival of a car that would be a technological reference.  However, it is not ready to be launched...

Can we still believe it?

Nothing is less certain, because it must be remembered that since 2011, Apple has not released anything revolutionary, as at the time of Steve Jobs. Apart from the Apple Watch and a few new services, the brand seems to continue to live on its achievements and its reputation (although it is now developing “in-house” chips).

We also wonder why Apple persists knowing that today there is multiple hardware vendors (platform, electrical architecture, etc.) as foxconn (to whom Apple also subcontracts the construction of its smartphones) or Xiaomi. But this is probably not in the culture of the Cupertino company…

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