We present to you the croziflette, an essential alternative to the tartiflette in Savoie

In Chambery,

The French love pasta. Each year, 500,000 tons are consumed. Every Saturday noon, through its series “Pasta così! », 20 minutes teaches you how to cook your pasta well or introduces you to an original recipe. Today, heading to Chambéry where we are introduced to the recipe for croziflette, made from crozets.

Are you about to devour your 27th winter tartiflette and you realize that you are saturated with potatoes? Chef Christophe Flicker, working at Le Savoyard restaurant in Chambéry, will save you from the end of the season in the mountains. Because yes, there is an equally tasty alternative to the emblematic potato dish, namely croziflette. Don’t worry, reblochon, fresh cream, onions and raw ham-smoked bacon-bacon (it depends) are always generously included.

The crozets used by the restaurant Le Savoyard in Chambéry to prepare its croziflette are made in Alpina-Savoie. – B.Gillardeau

“It’s a typical Savoyard dish”

But this time, these slightly caloric ingredients are accompanied by buckwheat or plain crozets, namely these small square pastas made for more than 25 years by Alpina Savoie, and which we made you discover in the previous episode of our series.

“It’s a typical Savoyard dish, with products only from our department, starting with the Alpina crozets, which are made very close to our establishment,” says Christophe Flicker. It is now a known and recognized dish, which really competes with the tartiflette among our customers, and throughout Savoie. In our video of the week, he gives us all his tips for making this dish a success. In croziflette we trust.

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