Vincent Cassel: Very rare appearance of his little Amazon, adorable hug with his mother Tina Kunakey

She is a little girl that we see very rarely, even on social networks: at 3 years old, Amazonie Cassel has been perfectly protected since birth from any media coverage by her famous parents, actor Vincent Cassel and model Tina Kunakey. The latter, however, made a small exception to her own rule this Friday, July 29, 2022: currently on vacation with her doll, she published a photo of the two of them, in a story on Instagram.

However, do not expect to see her face and be able to wonder who she looks like the most: her mother, who enjoyed some girls’ time on the beach, was careful to keep her head hidden by the bath towel with which she hugs him for a hug that surely melted her fans. A rare photo, okay, but don’t ask too much!

The little girl’s dad, actor Vincent Cassel, however, did not seem present: according to his last Instagram post, Tina Kunakey seems to have gone to the surroundings of New York with a model friend but not with the one who has shared her life since 2015 and whom she married in 2018. The actor is surely filming, he who is expected in two films on the Three Musketeers this year.

Perhaps he also spends time with his two other daughters: before meeting Tina Kunakey, Vincent Cassel had lived for 18 years with Italian actress Monica Bellucci. And the ex-couple, married in 1999, became parents in 2004 to a little Deva, joined in 2010 by Léonie. Two young girls just as protected as Amazonia during their childhood, but who are now beginning to reveal themselves, and in particular the eldest.

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