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“It’s been months of training.” On April 7, 2022, Caroline Maya, a French pizza maker, was crowned pizza world champion in Italy, in duo with chef Alain-Patrick Fauconnet. Brut met him.

On April 7, 2022, Caroline Maya won the title of world pizza champion, in duo with chef Alain-Patrick Fauconnet. And the art of pizza is a family affair for the young woman.

“I had given myself this challenge because my father was the first Frenchman at the world championships, but he was not world champion.

In 2017, she succeeded her father and uncle and took over the family pizzeria, in her grandparents’ garage in Saint-Priest, near Lyon.

“It was my grandmother who set up the pizzeria in 87. She only had a la carte pizza. This family business is truly a love story around pizza.”

“It’s a lot of work but frankly, I wouldn’t do anything else for anything.”

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