Véronique Genest: “I need 10,000 euros per month to hold on”

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The actress Véronique Genest has made some secrets about her budget and her lifestyle. She claims to need 10,000 euros per month to live.

Véronique Genest has never had her tongue in her pocket. The famous interpreter of the policewoman “Julie Lescaut” is often cash and says what she thinks, in public and on social networks, which often earns her virulent reactions from Internet users.

Véronique Genest recognizes this: her situation is easier than many other French people. “I’m lucky, I have assets, savings, but they won’t last forever. I had to take care of my mum – the retirement home cost between 5,000 and 6,000 euros per month – as well as the ex-wife of my husband”. But unlike millions of people, the actress says she needs a significant amount of money to live on each month. “I have to earn a living, I have to work. I need 10,000 euros a month to hold on and help those around me,” she explains in an interview with Paris here.

Away from the small screen, Véronique Genest opened a restaurant with her brother and set up a theater festival in Corsica. Like many families, she also had to deal with mourning with the death of her mother last February.

The actress divides her time between Paris where her son Sam lives and studies and the village of Lumio in Haute-Corse.

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