Véronique Genest: Her son Sam lost 80 kg, the secret of this incredible weight loss!

Diets have long been his hobby. In 2008, Véronique Genest explained how she went from size 46 to size 38 in the blink of an eye in a book entitled War and weight, published by Editions Michel Lafon. Years later, the actress has not really dropped the case. Never. Some time ago, the former interpreter of Julie Lescaut explained that she had lost a lot of weight by sticking together with her only son Sam… the duo never stopped the effort!

It took a lot of willpower, acupuncture and a diet

Interviewed by the magazine Paris here, Véronique Genest has actually unveiled their impressive progress: the actress has lost 36kg and her eldest son 80kg. “It took a lot of willpower, acupuncture and a diet, she admits. It took three years for Sam and six months for me. Now it’s back!” Design student, Sam, 26, is the son that Véronique Genest had with Meyer Bokobza – himself the father of two children, from a previous relationship. In a relationship since 1989, married in 1992, these two never stop loving each other.

We have two big characters

Everyone has their own activity, we are not always on top of each otherexplains Véronique Genest about the longevity of her couple. We have two big characters, but we know that the grass is not better elsewhere. We decided to have a child together. It’s a contract. We are happy that it lasts.“Of course, Mouss Diouf’s great friend has other concerns than keeping the line or making her relationship last. Founder of the Festival Corsica on Stage, which opened its doors for the second time in Calvi from July 18 to 21, 2022 – with Chantal Ladesou and Michel Fugain on the bill – she is currently writing a series for television. His return to the small screen should, therefore, be done very soon …

Find the interview of Véronique Genest in the magazine Ici Paris n°4022.

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