Vapiano celebrates Pasta Day

Good news for those who already love them, pasta will be in the spotlight October 25 next ! For one day, the whole world will celebrate this universal dish, the most beloved dish on the planet! As ambassador of the Italian Boot, it is only natural that Vapiano will also celebrate this international event.

On this occasion, the brand will offer on October 25 and 26 all its pasta dishes at a single price of 10 euros ! Gourmets can choose from the most emblematic recipes: Bolognese, Pomodoro, Quattro Fromaggi, Carbonara, Pesto basilico and more others…

Pasta lovers and the curious are invited to place an order by choosing from the 9 types of homemade pasta, made every day in restaurants. Vapiano has thought of everything and offers two complete pastes, rich in vitamins and minerals.

The icing on the cake, Vapiano will also offer October 21 to 26 by restoring sachets of fresh pasta at only 1 euro, the perfect opportunity for budding chefs to concoct delicious dishes at home.

Choose from 5 types of pasta: Fusilli, Penne, Spaghetti, Linguine, Wholemeal Fusilli

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  • Sunday October 25 : International Pasta Day to celebrate this universal dish
  • Sunday 25 / Monday 26: All pasta dishes at 10 euros and bags of fresh pasta at 1€

  • 2.8 million pasta dishes sold in 2019.
  • 10 tonnes of fresh pasta produced per week, i.e. more than 500 tonnes per year (carried out daily, on site)
  • Penne is the most popular pasta.

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