United States: a pizza delivery man saves five children from a burning house

On July 11, 2022, while driving in a residential area darkened by night in the city of Lafayette (Indiana), Nicholas Bostic, 25, a pizza delivery man, passed in front of a house in the grip of flames. Not having his phone on him to call the fire brigade, he stops on the road and decides to help the potential occupants himself.

He enters through a back door and extirpates, at first, four children aged 1 to 18 years old. Once out of the house, the oldest, panicked, tells him that there is one missing: his 6-year-old little sister. Without thinking, the delivery man goes back there and finds the child stranded in the middle of a thick plume of black smoke. Unable to get out, he breaks a window with his bare hands and jumps from the second floor, with the child in his arms. A few moments later, all the siblings are gathered outside the fire, safe and sound.


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