United States: a pizza delivery boy saved five children aged 1 to 18 from their burning house

On July 11, Nicholas Bostic, a 25-year-old pizza delivery man, passed in front of a house ravaged by flames. He decided to rescue the potential occupants.

no phone

On the night of July 11, nicholas bostica Pizza delivery man 25 years old drove in a car in a suburban area in the city of Lafayette (Indiana-USA).
He passed in front of a house ravaged by flames, but he could not call the fire brigade, not having had his telephone with him. Faced with this situation, the young man decided to help the potential occupants of the house.

Without hesitation, without thinking

Without hesitation, he entered through a back door before extricating four children, aged from 1 to 18 years old. Panicked, the oldest said that his 6-year-old sister was missing. nicholas bostic returned without thinking, to the burning house and found the child stranded in the middle of thick black smoke.
However, he could no longer go out. He broke a window with his bare hands and jumped from the second floor with the girl in his arms, says TF1. All five children were safe and sound.
the Pizza delivery man inhaled a lot of toxic smoke and suffered numerous injuries to his right ankle and arm. He was airlifted to Indianapolis. He was released from the hospital a few hours later.

The municipality hailed this act of bravery

The owners of the house returned a few hours after these events. They praised the courage of the young man. The father of the family, David Barrettstressed that the delivery man was now part of their family.
In addition, the municipality of Lafayette paid tribute to him on his website. “Nicholas Bostic’s heroic action saved lives. His selflessness during this incident is inspiring, and he impressed many with his courage, tenacity and unwavering calm in the face of such perilous danger.“, she wrote.
For its actions, the police department of Lafayette and the honorable mayor Tony Roswarski […] wish to reward him publicly. He will be decorated on the occasion of the city’s national airmen’s evening on August 2.

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