Unexpected iPhone restarts? Apple Stores have a new tool in their pocket

What’s more annoying than an iPhone that occasionally restarts for no apparent reason? To better respond to customer complaints in this situation, Apple Stores recently got a new tool that allows them to analyze the frequency of unexpected restarts, which should speed up the identification of potential problems.

Image Mediamodifier (Unsplash).

Technicians at Apple Stores and Authorized Service Centers can now run a new “System Stability” diagnostic (“System Stability”) on affected phones. By analyzing the error reports generated by an iPhone, this test checks whether any unplanned reboots have occurred in the past two weeks.

According to a memo obtained by MacRumors, if this tool confirms that there is a problem, Apple recommends repairing the affected iPhone. If not, customers can always check this Apple support page which simply advises updating iOS and installed apps and checking the battery status.


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