Ty Pasta: the Italian adventure – Plérin: Ty Pasta, the great adventure of the pastry craftsman

James Cann, manager of Ty Pasta, in Plérin, learned his trade as a pastry craftsman on the job, but in Italy. “We went there to meet craftsmen, visit laboratories, and understand the know-how. Today, our Italian contacts are following us, to answer our problems”, explains the man who has in mind, at the end of 2020, new flavors and new shapes for his egg pasta.

A loom and eggs

“It’s not as easy as it seems to make pasta! It’s a real job, with a real mastery of many parameters”, including, for example, hygrometry. Especially since the artisan has relied on durum wheat pasta, from the flour mill in Binic-Étables-sur-Mer, already rich in protein, and on eggs. “In Italy, there are two areas: the coast, where pasta is made without eggs, and the interior, where it is traditionally made with it. We have chosen this path. Eggs give our pasta a very special taste quality, and 15 g of protein per 100 g of product, which represents good nutritional value, and a richer, rounder taste”. The eggs, which come from a farm in Ille-et-Vilaine, are organic and pasteurized, so as to keep the organic pasta longer.

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