Treat yourself to Apple’s 2023 calendar of key dates (in paper!)

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What happened on that July day at Apple in 1998, 2005 or 2013? To find out, two solutions: dissect the firm’s Wikipedia page down to the smallest detail, or open your dedicated calendar on the right date. The creator Stephen Hackett, who had already delighted us with the 2022 version, returns to the front of the stage with a new version of his famous paper diary highlighting the key stages of the software development at Cupertino since his debut.

As before, the adventure has been supported since Kickstarter, the first crowdfunding platform. Hackett was aiming to raise just $5,000 but that amount was greatly exceeded within days, reaching over $35,000 for an almost equivalent sum in euros. It will cost you $32 to give you a physical calendar, or just 10 to download his illustrations.

Historical photo library

The calendar itself is made up of two panels for each month, the lower one being dedicated to the various key dates and the upper one to a bespoke image created by Hackett. Among the pictures in question, we find among other things laptops but also one of the surprising wheels for Mac Pro sold for nearly nine hundred euros.

It must be said that the designer has resources, since his own collection consists of no less than two hundred Macs, “not including iPods, iPhones [et] iPad” as he likes to put it. The emblematic mobile of the apple brand has just celebrated its fifteenth anniversary.

Digital version for the Calendar app

If you support the campaign on Kickstarter, Hackett will also provide you with a .ICS file to open with your Calendar app or Google Calendar to download all the key dates from Apple directly. Note that this bonus is also offered in the digital version at 10 dollars.

The physical calendar, on the other hand, offers dimensions of 50.8 by 33.02 cm and can be installed above your desk with a simple pin. Delivery is expected for November 2022, the wealthiest can also afford a selection of stickers as a bonus with the pack at 38 dollars. - Official App – Official App

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