Too expensive the iPhone? Apple insists as never before on its payment facilities

Faced with galloping inflation that threatens purchasing power, Apple is taking measures to ensure that iPhone sales do not collapse. In China, consumers will soon be entitled to an immediate discount in Apple Stores. In France, no discount, but a payment facility that is making a comeback.

Apple is relaunching a 0% credit offer, this time in partnership with Alma. This credit allows you to pay for your purchase in 4 monthly installments or in 24 monthly installments, free of charge in both cases. Free 24x payment is offered for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Magic Keyboard.

This financing option is not completely new, Apple offers it from time to time (it was Sofinco who took care of the credit previously), but it is now much more highlighted. When you open the purchase page of the iPhone 13 Pro or another model, the possibility of paying in installments without fees is mentioned no less than five times, right down to the iPhone selection box.

Are you aware that you can pay for your iPhone in installments at no cost?

In fact, the entire iPhone purchase page has been redesigned. The different choices to be made (model, color, capacity) are more segmented, we only have one selection to make at a time.


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