TikTok trend: Apple does not offer free AirPods if you ask for it in the Apple Store

Admittedly, TikTok is a great entertainment app that helps us pass the time during weekends or holidays. Unfortunately, the Chinese app is full of misleading false trends that can have consequences behind them. This is the case with the “Free AirPods” videos that have been multiplying in the “For you” section for several weeks.

No, Apple does not offer AirPods

For more than a month, Apple Stores in the United States, mainly, have been having customers who have bought a pair of AirPods come to claim another one… free ! Surprised, the sellers were initially confused that several customers on the same day asked for a new pair of AirPods without having to pay a single dollar.

Upon closer inspection, Apple Store teams realized that this was a trend that had become popular on TikTok. Indeed, videos are looping certifying that if you enter an Apple Store and say you have a problem with your pair of AirPods, a salesperson will give you a new pair for free without asking you a single question.

Of course, this is completely fake. Apple would have no financial interest in doing so and there is still a legal warranty which expires after a certain period of time after purchase.
But where does this trend come from? In reality, it is based on a misunderstanding on the part of several consumers who have massively relayed (without realizing it) false information…

airpods out of box

The majority of people who made the videos “Free AirPods” did have a free replacement of their pair of AirPods Pro, however, it was under a special program that follows a manufacturing defect.

This program, we told you about it less than a month ago, it consists of changing without invoicing the pairs of AirPods that have been manufactured before October 2020it also adds other conditions such as a purchase less than 3 years old as well as the presentation of proof of purchase.
Additionally, Apple requires that there is a technical issue with the AirPods, sellers are instructed to ensure the AirPods Pro experience one of the following defects:

  • Noise cancellation not working
  • Total or partial disappearance of bass
  • Interference and crackling during playback
  • Increased background noise

As you can see, it is not at all open to all AirPods owners, on the contrary, a small number of customers who have purchased AirPods Pro can take advantage of it.

Apple Stores are overrun with appointments for a free AirPods exchange

Two employees who work in an Apple Store in the United States confided anonymously to the media MacRumors, according to their words, the TikTok trend has grown disturbing those last weeks. Appointments (which are precious in the summer) go like hotcakes, because they are booked by people who are convinced they have seen a “good plan” scrolling through videos on TikTok.
Add to that word of mouth and the situation quickly becomes uncontrollable for Apple Stores.

This trend on TikTok is mainly present in the United States, in France, few videos of this type have gone viral, there are even small chance that you stumbled upon. However, if this is the case, do not hesitate to post a comment briefly explaining the confusion that led to this misunderstanding… It will help both the Apple Stores, but also people who will not make a trip. useless in store.

Example of one of the TikTok videos of the trend that saw his views soar in just a few days.

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