TikTok Music would have something to shake Spotify and Apple Music

Spotify and Apple Music must watch TikTok’s music initiatives with angst. The social network, which already threatens the hegemony of Facebook and Instagram, registered the trademark “TikTok Music” in the United States in early May, reports Business Insider. The brand had previously been registered in Australia last November without making waves.

The Resso app.

Registering a trademark doesn’t necessarily translate into a product or service, but ByteDance, the creator of TikTok and Douyin, the original Chinese version, certainly has an idea in mind. An idea already tested in Brazil, India and Indonesia with the Resso app, launched in March 2020.

Resso’s business model is very similar to Spotify’s, with a free, ad-supported offering and a premium subscription to blow up ads while delivering premium sound. When they hear a cool song in TikTok, Brazilian users can tap a button that directs them to Resso to listen to the full track.

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TikTok having established itself as a leading prescriber for music discovery, it is easy to imagine the devastation that this gateway could wreak on the leaders of streaming. And the music industry has taken notice: TikTok creators can now dip into Beyoncé’s catalog to spice up their videos. ByteDance has also signed agreements with record labels, such as with Universal.


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