Thylane Blondeau as a couple: rare shot of her lover Benjamin Attal during their vacation

Thylane Blondeau is currently living a waking dream with a certain Benjamin Attal, who is presented as a fashion entrepreneur. A companion of which she is visibly very proud since she shared, this Sunday, July 31 in her Instagram story, a snapshot of the pretty brunette with long hair, posing on a white sofa, in a hooded sweater and black shorts. He is also present in the story of a certain Hugo, who indicates that he is in Portugal.

The daughter of Véronika Loubry therefore shares her vacation with her prince charming, with whom she seems very fulfilled. Together, they form a very solid couple. As proof, on July 5, the young man was very romantic vis-à-vis his sweetheart since he declared his love to her via a story on Instagram. “I love you” he wrote in the caption of an adorable snapshot of the two lovebirds. “2y” could we also read at the bottom right of the photo.

Love, the real one!

Last year, they passed a very important milestone in their relationship since the top model announced their engagement by updating her Instagram profile. They have already shown themselves to be very accomplices in public, whether in Saint-Tropez, during the Monaco Grand Prix or in Cannes and Ibiza. And more recently in Lavandou. But they generally remain very discreet about their private life. A few shots here and there, without revealing too much about the relationship and this strong bond that seems to unite them.

Be that as it may, this relationship seems to suit the former muse of L’Oréal Paris perfectly, who will have tried several adventures before finding her other half, whether with Raphaël Le Friant, son of the famous French DJ Bob Sinclar, the young DJ Milane Meritte or even Oscar, the son of Christian Bîmes, former president of the French Tennis Federation. But today, the chosen one of his heart is indeed Benjamin Attal, at least according to his latest stories.

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