This little bag is actually a… pizza! And it’s completely edible

As incredible as it may seem, this bag is indeed a pizza! All the flavors of the pizza are concentrated in this plastic bag, which is also edible.

This small transparent bag, entirely edible, is indeed a pizza! Credit: Instagram / Valerio Braschi

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One could believe in a bag of spices and yet. It is not so. This little transparent bag is actually a pizza! If you can’t believe your eyes (and your taste buds), we can understand it. This culinary creation is the work of Italian chef Valerio Braschi. It is in his restaurant Ristorante 1978 that the chef regularly offers disconcerting gastronomic experiences. Lasagna in a tube of toothpaste or even a liquid carbonara shooter, Valerio Braschi is not afraid of anything.

This time, the chef has tackled another monument of Italian gastronomy: pizza. At the risk of outraged Italians (who by the way ranked the worst “crimes” against Italian cuisine a few months ago), the idea of ​​recreating a pizza in a far from conventional form intrigues us. So how could he concentrate all the flavors of a pizza in a plastic bag, itself edible?

The pizza bag, the pizza of the future?

To achieve this gastronomic experience, Valerio Braschi used rice paper for its transparent bag. “I thought about closing these particular edible rice papers with heat sealers. You have to be careful because they are much thinner and more delicate than the rice paper which is commonly used to make spring rolls and they must be stored in a dry environment.“, says Valerio Braschi to Fine Dining Lovers. And for the taste of the pizza then?

Three ingredients have been transformed into powder: the classic grilled edge of the pizza (…) so that on the palate it gives the typical burnt aroma of this cuisine; a very good cream of tomato with garlic that we dry and mix; and fresh oregano that is dehydrated before pulverizing“, he explains. All these flavors are reminiscent of the traditional recipe for pizza alla marinara. All this in an absolutely atypical form that is likely to surprise more than one. looks less gourmet than the 834 cheese pizza, but it’s an experience to discover, right?

Since February, the chef has been offering his pizza in an entirely edible bag to customers of his Ristorante 1978 as an appetizer. “It is not necessary to order the tasting menu to enjoy it. It is a gift that we want to offer to all the guests as a welcome, a way to start well and have fun“. We don’t know about you, but we would like to try! Like all culinary trompe-l’oeil, we are once again impressed by this pizza bag.

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