This is pizza (yes, you read that right)

For some time now, our admiration for chef Valerio Braschi has turned into an obsession. Firstly because he is not a chef like the others, then because he has made it his mission to elevate his culinary experiences to the rank of gastronomic masterpieces. A bias that earned him sometimes the respect, sometimes the indignation of his Italian peers.

After a lasagna presented in the form of a tube of toothpaste and an astonishing “liquid carbonara”, served in a shooter, the young Valerio Braschi decided to offer in his restaurant, Ristorante 1978, a pizza like no other. Exit the dough with swollen sidewalks, it comes in the form of a small plastic bag. But rest assured, everything can be eaten.

The idea for the chef was, here, to concentrate all the essence of the taste of the pizza in a transparent bag, made from rice. “I thought of closing these particular edible rice sheets with heat sealers: you have to be careful, because they are much thinner and more delicate than the rice sheet that is commonly used to make spring rolls, and they must be kept in a dry environment”, explains the chef to Fine Dining Lovers.

Among the other elements contained in this small sachet, three skilfully worked powders, reminiscent of the original flavor of the famous and emblematic marinara pizza. “Three ingredients have been turned into a powder: the classic grilled edge of the pizza, that is, a dough that we prepare at home and cook in a wood-fired oven by grilling it, so that on the palate, it gives the burnt aroma typical of this cuisine; a very good cream of tomato with garlic that we dry and mix and fresh oregano that we dehydrate before spraying it.”

The bagged pizza is served as an appetizer at Ristorante 1978, but “you don’t have to order the tasting menu to enjoy it”. “It’s a gift that we want to offer to all the guests as a welcome, a way to get off to a good start and have fun. In addition, an amuse-bouche of this type allows the customer to get into the atmosphere of a restaurant like mine, where we experiment a lot: it’s special, but it has a traditional taste, its flavors bring home”

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