this huge surprise that Christophe Willem has just unveiled to his fans, and it’s not music!

On September 16, Christophe Willem’s new album, Panorama, will emerge. A moment that fans of “the Turtle”, as he called himself during his time in The New Star, are no doubt waiting impatiently. Especially since the artist keeps teasing the content of his project, with the posting of two titles, PS: I love you and Ghosts. Enough to make his community wait until next September.

But to make them wait, the one who would have been hit on by Pierre Palmade several years ago, also gives a few interviews to give more information about his future baby, and how it was born. “This album is an outlet, it is extremely intimate because I was without any restraint”he explained in an interview with Karima Charni on his Youtube channel before admitting that he had “hesitated a lot before choosing its name ‘Panorama'”.

New project to accompany his album

So why this title for his new project? “There are two reasons. The first is that it’s an album that goes around all the questions. I go straight to my adolescence, my relationship to sexuality, relationships with the media, in the eyes of others . So there is this side: going around the question”explained the artist first before giving the other reason: “It’s that my parents lived in a street and often, when I was young and had complicated moments, I would go for a walk at the top of their street. The street is called ‘Rue du Panorama’ because that we had a panorama of all of Paris. So it was a street in which I liked to find myself alone”.

But to discover the meaning of this album, we will have to wait a few more weeks. So in order not to make his fans languish too much, Christophe Willem had the idea of ​​opening… a clothing store. It was on his Instagram account, this Wednesday, July 27, that he shared the good news. “I’m so happy to announce the opening of my official store! We’ve concocted lots of new products for you, I hope you’ll like them”, he detailed, posting several pictures of the products that were available for sale. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a water bottle, or even a tote bag, all the products bear the image of Panorama and all fans should find themselves there.

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