This huge sum that Amber Heard refused during her divorce from Johnny Depp

When she divorced Johnny Depp, Amber Heard gave up on a monumental sum. This was revealed by the 6,000 pages of documents unveiled when the seals of their defamation lawsuit were made public. If we learn in particular that the actress ofAquaman claims to have lost between $47 million and $50 million over a period of three to five years due to ‘Depp’s defamatory remarks’ about her, the documents also say she refused a very large check after her separation from the star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

When the actor shot the fifth part of the saga in which he plays Captain Jack Sparrow, he was still married to Amber Heard. She could therefore have received half of her salary if she wished. According to The Daily Beastinasmuch as Johnny Depp had earned $33 million on the fourth film in the franchise, it can be estimated that he earned at least as much, but probably more, for the following film.


According to the documents, Amber Heard therefore refused more than 16 million dollars when she divorced. According to an exchange of emails with her lawyers, the actress maintains that her marriage to the star was “not for the money” while his advice encourages her to ask what she is entitled according to the law.

In the end, Amber Heard received 7 million dollars during her divorce. A sum that she had promised to donate to charity. She explained during the trial that she could not honor him because of the cost of the legal proceedings against him.

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