These SpaceX alumni are reinventing pizza with an ultra-high-tech truck

A handful of ex-SpaceX employees have found a new vocation for three years: catering – or more precisely pizza trucks. Stellar Pizza (that’s the name of their company) is developing an ultra high-tech, fully automated pizza truck. Inside, an array of AI-enhanced sensors and cameras flatten the dough, precisely place the ingredients and control the baking.

When the customer orders a pizza, the truck almost immediately moves in the direction of the customer’s address. Meanwhile at the back, the “robots” are busy in the kitchen to prepare and cook a fresh pizza chosen by the customer. An algorithm takes into account traffic and other obstacles so that preparation is not started too early or too late. When the truck arrives at its destination, the pizza is literally barely out of the oven.

This automated truck may well be the future of pizzerias

For flavors impossible to match with a delivered pizza that will have taken the time to cool. But the small team of engineers also sees another big advantage: thanks to the absence of personnel, it becomes possible to offer pizzas around 10 dollars a unit, delivery included – while generating profits. One of the engineers, Tsai, explains: “our truck is designed with the same resilience required to launch humans into space”.

And to add: “we are a team of astronautical engineers who set out to design kitchen equipment from scratch. What we are trying to do is very difficult – I had to recruit the best and the most talented to develop a mobile pizza machine that is comparable to a spaceship on wheels”.

Tsai explains that he doesn’t see too much of a difference between his life at SpaceX and his life at Stellar Pizza: “in the end for me, the important thing is above all to solve problems wherever they are […] having fresh, high quality food for a reasonable price is still not very common everywhere, is it?”.

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For now, the firm has yet to launch Stellar Pizza commercially. But the wait won’t be long: the service will first launch in Los Angeles sometime in 2022.

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