the taxman pushes Shakira into exile, Pique has negotiated a deal with the singer!

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In the middle of a divorce from Gérard Piqué, Shakira experienced a new galley on Friday. Indeed, as AFP reports, the Barcelona prosecutor’s office has launched a battle with the Colombian pop star for tax evasion … going so far as to claim eight years in prison against the former companion of the Barça defender.

Shakira faces 8 years in prison in Spain

While the tax authorities are claiming more than €14 million from her for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, Shakira believes she is the victim of a “total violation of her rights” and “abusive methods” on the part of the Barcelona prosecutor’s office. Believing that the Spanish Treasury does not have to claim the money collected from him during his international tours when he was “not yet a Spanish resident”, the singer even intends to go to trial.

Pique sees his children go to Miami for good

In the meantime, this decision of the Spanish justice further motivates Shakira’s definitive departure to Miami (United States). The beauty will start a new life in Florida and will be accompanied by her two children Sasha (7 years old) and Milan (9 years old) to the great displeasure of Gérard Piqué who nevertheless negotiated with his “ex” that she pay him five trips per year in first class so that he can visit his two sons… Waiting for a transfer to Inter Miami to finish his career there?

Shakira wins her battle with Pique … and opens the one with the taxman

After having fought with Gérard Piqué and obtained custody of her children in Miami, Shakira has a second fight… with the Spanish tax authorities and the Barcelona prosecutor’s office. The singer faces up to eight years in prison in Spain if she goes to trial.

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