The take-out pizzeria changes its name and owner

The take-out pizza business on Avenue de la République has changed hands. It now belongs to Yoan Ubeda, son of a merchant and child of the village. Since the beginning of May, Yoan Ubeda has taken over the town’s take-out pizzeria. It is now called Vym pizza.

sons of traders

The young man, well known in the village, was not new to business: his parents ran the bar du Progrès, on the village square.

“We arrived in 1998 in Lunel-Viel, when my parents took over the village bar. I spent my childhood in Lunel-Viel, and after a BEP in electrical engineering, I decided to change paths. J I started working with my father, then I was a delivery man at Jean-Noël Fromages in the Roucagnier area. I wanted to set something up here, so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped not…”explains the young boss.

Trained by the former pizza maker, he validated the hygiene training (HACCP), mandatory for all commercial catering activities, and embarked on the adventure. After two months of work for the renovation of the premises and the change of equipment, the young man says today that he is satisfied with his new activity. “The job is demanding but the take-out sale is not like catering, I can keep free time for my family”says Yoan Ubeda.

The young dad officiates alone behind the stove but his partner, Victoria, is not far away. It is she who is at the origin of the name of the pizzeria, and she assists him on “rush” evenings. With a variety of around thirty pizzas, in one size of 33 cm, it also offers fries, nuggets and paninis, as well as plates of pizzas and quiches to order. Note that two new pizzas have been added to the menu, the Vym special and the anchovy Grazzini, created in homage to his grandfather.

The pizzeria offers its pizzas to take away from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Order by SMS, only possible before 6 p.m.

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