The Spring-Summer 2022 menu arrives at La Pizza de Nico restaurants

For more than 20 years, the Nico’s Pizza franchise offers a gourmet and generous culinary experience. Two seasonal menus per year, exclusive recipes, event pizzas and a strict ingredients charter are the DNA of La Pizza de Nico, which is rolling out its new Spring/Summer menu.


Our success is shared, like a good pizza! Fast food on site to take away or deliver, fresh pizzas

Open your pizzeria with or without restaurant experience and join a profitable and quality franchise. Products freshly cut on site and pizzas made to order. Bureau Veritas certified network.

A menu that highlights fresh ingredients and quality products

Twice a year, the restaurants in the La Pizza de Nico network update their pop-up pizza recipes. The arrival of fine weather is therefore synonymous with a new menu for La Pizza de Nico, a menu that highlights fresh ingredients and quality products: ORGANIC, appellations, French origin…

It’s a festival of new ephemeral recipes, each one more gourmet than the other, with a bias towards the addition of fresh ingredients post-cooking and gourmet touches offered as an extra. In addition, the salad recipes have also been revisited, with ORGANIC spelled, French fromage frais with Guérande salt, a duo of Kalamata olives, PDO feta or smoked salmon from Norway without additives.

The quest for gluttony goes hand in hand with that of product quality. La Pizza de Nico is continually improving its specifications for raw materials based on a strict charter: origin, product composition, nutritional aspect, limitation of additives, health standards, etc. :

  • A Dough with ORGANIC olive oil, 100% made on site, without dyes or preservatives
  • A sauce made with Italian tomatoes picked when ripe, also without colorings or preservatives
  • Free-range eggs from France
  • A French meat: chicken fillet, merguez sausage and ground beef
  • Freshly cut vegetables
  • A top quality Mozzarella Fior di Latte, melting and without additives

But let’s not forget that Nico’s Pizza also made its success on the notion of pleasure. “Good pizza! », this is what makes the difference. With a menu that changes with each season, adapted to the tastes of each customer (vegetarian, vegan, gourmet, festive pizza, seasonal products, appellations, Made in France, etc.), La Pizza de Nico is constantly innovating.

The arrival of sunny days is accompanied by the arrival of planks

In the spirit of sharing and conviviality, La Pizza de Nico offers its franchisees the opportunity to deploy a planchette offer, available in solo format or to share. The La Pizza de Nico platters are generously garnished with à la carte ingredients and accompanied by pizz’ rolls in organic olive oil.

The La Pizza de Nico network is:

  • A brand of Alsatian origin founded by Nico Palea
  • A network of more than 30 restaurants
  • Over 20 years of product and customer experience
  • A contemporary fast food concept whose model is based on a strict quality ingredients charter
  • Success factors based on: innovation, quality, pleasure and excellence.
  • The only Bureau Veritas-certified pizzeria restaurant network to date since 2014, a true guarantee of quality
  • An attractive economic model with a strong human dimension
  • A network that sets out to conquer our beautiful French regions

Want to know more about the concept and the support offered by the network to open a pizzeria with the brand? Meet on the presentation sheet of the La Pizza de Nic franchiseo and, to contact the network development team, fill in the documentation request form ⇩

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