The SNCF Connect application is still looking to integrate Apple Pay

A few months ago, SNCF Connect was updated. The application (formerly OUI SNCF) has undergone major changes. But a novelty is always eagerly awaited, it which was however claimed even before the change of name of the application.

Indeed, support for Apple Pay is still absent from the application. To validate a purchase of a train ticket, you have to enter your bank card, which takes more time. But according to Anne Pruvot, general manager of SNCF Connect & tech, the company’s technical teams are working to integrate Apple’s payment method.

Apple Pay will follow the same path as Apple Wallet?

If this announcement is reassuring for users of the application, Anne Pruvot did not take any risks by announcing a deployment date. In her speech to BFM TV (article in source), she also returned to the integration of tickets in Wallet, Apple’s native solution.

This solution, which is also very practical, allows you to have direct and offline access to your tickets, unlike the operation of the application when it was launched a few weeks ago. Finally, it took a little over a month for the feature to make a comeback.

According to Anne Pruvot, the absence of this functionality at its launch was a choice of the brand. If this caused a lot of talk at the launch of the new application, she explains that “Apple Wallet was only used by 2% of users”. This low figure convinced SNCF management to remove the feature.

Bikes and buses: next on the list?

Regarding the new features that should arrive in the coming weeks, Anne Pruvot announced that bus or bicycle journeys would soon be able to be reserved on the application. It should also be possible to automatically integrate discount cards by the end of the year.

All these solutions are highly anticipated by users. As a reminder, the SNCF Connect application was widely criticized when it was launched. Users criticized it for being “fuzzy” or “vague”. Since then, many fixes have been made, but many still regret the old version of the SNCF service. – Official App

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