The secret of spaetzles, the famous Alsatian pasta

The French love pasta. Each year, 500,000 tons are consumed. Every Saturday at noon, through its Plein les Fingers series, 20 Minutes teaches you how to cook your pasta well or introduces you to a pasta recipe. Today, heading to Strasbourg to discover the secrets of spaetzles, the famous Alsatian pasta.

Already, if we talk about pasta in the feminine, it is necessary to combine the spaetzle in the masculine! One of the subtleties of this recipe widespread in Alsace, but also in Germany and Austria, hence its Germanic-sounding name. Extremely easy to cook, as Mickaël Oster, chef at La Corde à Linge in Strasbourg, presents to us, these Alsatian “little noodles” can be used in all sauces.

Since 2020, La Corde à Linge has even made it its signature dish. Depending on the season, the restaurant produces between 60 and 120 kilos per day, all entirely homemade. After a period of adaptation, because the preparation requires some logistical adjustments, Mickaël Oster quickly saw the result; in addition to the dish’s success, he also noted “a double saving” compared to spaetzles bought on the market. Like what, sometimes it’s good to get your hands dirty!

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