the Prud’hommes want criminal proceedings against a franchisee

The Paris Labor Court told AFP on Friday that it would ask the prosecution to initiate criminal proceedings against the boss of a Pizza Hut franchisee found guilty of multiple offenses and ordered to pay more than 600,000 euros to ten former employees. The registry of the Conseil de Prud’hommes, which rendered its decision on Monday, added that the file of this indelicate leader would be transmitted “in two or three monthsto the prosecution, when the reasons for his own judgment would have been written.

In detail, the franchisee was ordered to pay 619,057 euros to its employees. For nine of them, concealed work was recognized. This boss “did not pay overtime, did not respect rest days, placed me in partial activity to receive government aid, and he even declared me against my will as manager in the legal announcements to hide his responsibilities“, told AFP former assistant Ibrahima Traoré, orally dismissed in March 2021, before the hearing on January 6.

Transmitted to AFP, the conclusions of the employees’ lawyer also mentioned false pay slips to benefit from short-time working, specific aid fraud on the payment of paid leave, manipulation of the clock so as not to not pay overtime, or declarations of unjustified absences.

Violation of the labor code

According to the prosecution, the company also asked a Colombian employee to provide the identity of a Spanish friend in order to hire him. This delivery man working more than 80 hours per week was paid 3 euros net per trip. The employees also denounced certain competitive practices of their boss who asked them to pose as employees of other restaurants in the neighborhood with delivery platforms in order to modify the opening hours of rival brands and to recover their orders, argued in his conclusions Kevin Mention, the plaintiffs’ lawyer.

Still according to Me Mention, the manager also went with a wifi jammer to his competitors in order to disrupt their order taking. He would also have set up a system of false orders on the platforms in order to subsequently obtain reimbursement for these orders that allegedly did not arrive. Asked, the Pizza Hut group did not comment. “We have heard of the existence of complaints made by several employees of this franchisee. (…) If abuses or breaches of labor law turn out to be correct, they are intolerable and we strongly condemn them“, reacted in January the brand, a subsidiary of the American group Yum! Brands.

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