the pizza world champions are from lyon

On April 7, Caroline Maya and Alain-Patrick Fauconnet won the title of world pizza champion in the “A Due” category in Italy. Their masterpiece: a seafood pizza.

In Parma, Italy, the world pizza championships were held on April 7. For 3 days, pizzaiolos from all over the world competed. Caroline, pizzaïola in Saint-Priest and Alain-Patrick, cooking teacher in Grenoble won the title in the duo category.

Caroline and Alain-Patrick imagined a seafood pizza for this competition. They called it “C’era a volta” (once upon a time in Italian). A lobster bisque base and a garnish consisting of sea urchins, marinated prawns, ricotta and mozzarella balls.

One of the keys to their success is their complementarity. “For the world championships, Caroline knew exactly what she had to do and I knew exactly what I had to do” explains Alain-Patrick. I had to learn dressage by heart, so it goes through drawing, through colors”. Caroline continues, “to be world champion, we will say that you need everything. You need a good dough, good ingredients , a beautiful cooking, a beautiful pair and a good understanding”.

Caroline fell into the dough from an early age. Her grandparents ran “Les pizzas du Puits Vieux” in Saint-Priest, an address she took over after her father Lionel. A retired dad, but never far from his daughter. “I was at the world championships. I have a certain pride all the same, and it’s in continuity” because Lionel has also won several competitions.

But don’t expect to see the C’era une volta à la carte. Estimated at 400 euros, this pizza was developed solely for the world championships.

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