The pizza of the Valencian group II Cortile voted best classic pizza in the world

The 2022 World Pizza Championship took place in Parma, Italy from April 5-7, 2022, after two years of Covid-related cancellations. The opportunity for professionals in the sector to showcase their know-how. The 750 participants, from 40 different countries, took to the kitchen during these three days, competing in originality to distinguish themselves in one of the twelve categories of the competition. It was finally the pizza maker Marco Bianchi, owner of the Valencian group II Cortile, who was voted the best pizza maker in Spain in his category.

Marco Bianchi best Spanish pizza maker

The pizza maker Marco Bianchi won first prize in the “classic pizza” category, against other Spanish professionals, with his “5 Testure” pizza. Thanks to an original cooking technique and a daring combination of ingredients, the owner of the II Cortile group, with five establishments in Valence, has stood out from its competitors. His dish consists of fresh truffles, parmesan (creamy and crispy), candied egg yolk, egg sabayon and crispy guanciale (Italian charcuterie). The pizza maker thus plays on textures and flavors to delight the taste buds of the juries, but also of his customers.

Marco Bianchi collects awards

The pizza maker also distinguished himself during the competition in another category: that of the duo. Composed of chef Emilia Martínez and Marco Bianchi, the duo received the Mantova honorary prize from the hands of the jury and ranked among the 20 best in the world thanks to their “Cuore Mediterráneo” pizza, a dish combining cream of artichoke, prawns with coffee sabayon and egg yolk caviar.

Prior to this year’s prestigious awards, Marco Bianchi had already been voted Spanish Pizza de Autor champion in 2020, and came second in the same championship in 2019 and 2018, also second in the Spanish Championship of Pizza por Pasión, and 1st in the Professional Pizza Championship of the Valencian Community in 2018. So he is not a novice in the field!

If you are curious to taste the winning pizza, or simply want to taste a very good pizza in Valencia, now you know where to go!

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