The pizza “4 cheeses” or the “Ravioles” in 3 minutes!

Pizzas ready in 3 minutes, to eat on the spot or to take away, prepared as in a restaurant, and kept in strict compliance with the cold chain, why deprive yourself?

Cédric Escoffier, 34, is well known in the region – he lives in Châtillon-Saint-Jean and owns a pizzeria in Hostun (Ho resto de Pizz) – has just installed the pizza kiosk at the entrance to Saint- Paul-lès-Romans (direction Grenoble). Opened on January 4, this pizza distributor has been operating for 3 weeks already.

Why here? Cédric does not hesitate for a second: “I already have a pizza truck (pasta pizzas) present on Wednesdays in Génissieux and Fridays in Saint-Paul, it seemed coherent and strategic to me to continue to establish myself here to diversify my activity”.


It was designed and manufactured in Lisieux in the Calvados department. There are close of 3000 in France, they are located mainly in the North of the country. In our aglo, only 3 others are already in service: one in Chatuzange le Goubet, another in Saint-Marcellin and a last one in Châteauneuf d’Isère.

The pizzas

12 kinds of pizzas are offered: all are prepared like those traditionally sold in his pizzeria. The dough and ingredients are already 70% pre-cooked. The 30% missing cooking can be cooked on the spot for an instantaneous tasting (the kiosk has a powerful oven) or, if the customer wishes, be cooked at home to consume the pizza later, in front of a rugby match for example .

The prices range from 7.50 to 10 €, the order takes place on a simple and fast touch screen. Payment is made only by credit card, with the possibility of contactless.

The cold chain is respected, with frequent checks. Cédric can configure everything from home, from his smartphone. Replenishment is done daily by Cédric himself or his employee Serge Faye.

On the side of the press.

The kiosk being installed in the parking lot of the press, we went to meet Mr. Quittançon, the store manager, liquor, wine and beer outlet. The installation of a new business near his delights him: “With Cédric, who is a long-time customer, we know each other well, his innovative installation is already making people talk, it’s even creating a buzz, creating a dynamic and for our tasting evenings, support will be quickly found”. The icing on the cake, a tobacconist is to set up here soon…

The beginnings are very promising: “We are not yet at the level of the pizza truck in terms of pizzas ordered and sold, but once we are out of the health crisis, the nightclubs are reopened, habits are taken and our location recognised, we are going to ramp up because we are providing a new service with an opening amplitude of 24 hours a day, with the same quality”. Cedric insisting: “These are exactly the same pizzas as in our restaurant, but here, you can eat them whenever you want and they are ready in 3 minutes flat!”.

Admittedly, Cédric or Serge are not there to make conversation with you, as they know how to do so well when they cook and sell from the truck, but a little hunger late at night or on the contrary early in the morning, and that’s it !

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