the pasta bag is back (and it’s even more stylish than last year)

Last summer, designer Nikolas Bentel unveiled a pasta bag to hit the incrust’ at vogue. A tribute to the blue box of Barilla pasta, the 2021 version is now surpassed by its 2022 cousin, with a bag inspired by De Cecco pasta boxes.

Why ? Because Nikolas Bentel is probably a man of taste and that, in one year, he had to work on his passion for al dente (and well, OK, it’s especially that the blue and yellow pantone is seriously trendy too).

With one hundred bags on sale this June 8 for 199 dollars (about 186 euros) on the Nikolas Bentel site, the object of all desires already seems sold out. You can probably count on a reissue or the resale market to hope to shine when you arrive, bag clearly visible, at the table of your favorite trattoria.

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