The new pizza distributor in good place

Laurent Martin was crowned champion at the Pizzaiolos World Cup in Rome in 2021.

This Monday, May 9, he inaugurated his new pizza distributor. The latter, located next to its usual location in the Espace Armingué car park, is called La Capitelle. Historically, this term refers to the shelter used by winegrowers to protect themselves and eat. La Capitelle de Vendargues was located at the entrance to Vendargues, the current location of the bull statue. He wants to pay homage to the location by offering his pizzas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And this, without affecting the undeniable quality of its production.

Indeed, the pizzas are prepared by him. The base of the pizza is cooked and the ingredients that make it up are added after it has had time to cool. Thus, everyone can choose from 8 recipes. The distributor allows you to have a pizza freshly cooked on site or ready to reheat.

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