The new Apple Watch Series 7 has never been so inexpensive: the queen of connected watches has stock to sell!

News good deal The new Apple Watch Series 7 has never been so inexpensive: the queen of connected watches has stock to sell!

While the Apple Watch Series 8 should be announced in about two months, merchant sites are preparing for the arrival of the beast and are already starting to empty their stocks of Apple Watch Series 7, the latest connected watch from the Apple brand. nowadays. This is the case of the largest of them, Amazon, which has often been able to anticipate the price reductions of Apple products before the Cupertino company makes them effective.

The Apple Watch is not only the queen of connected watches in terms of sales, but also the queen of the entire watch market. No brand sells more watches a year than Apple, and the more time passes, the more the Apple Watch convinces the world: the trend is not about to be reversed.

You know Apple, to establish its dominance in a market, the brand improves its products every year. The Apple Watch Series 7, released in the fall of 2021, is to date the ultimate jewel of the apple. One of the best smartwatches on the market, for sure.

It is common knowledge: Apple products are certainly well finished and qualitative on the whole, they are quite expensive. Promotions for iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch are quite rare, and often very weak.

This being said, we can only welcome the effort on its margin that Amazon had to make by selling Series è at 379€ instead of 429€. I closely follow the price curves of Apple products, which are always very popular, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a new Apple Watch Series 7 sold for so little, even during sales.

Of course, for 379€, it is the 41 mm version (for smaller wrists) with an aluminum shell. Nevertheless, if you click below, you will see that Amazon has launched a great wave of discounts on models of all colors and sizes.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 at 379€ on Amazon

What is the interest of the Apple Watch Series 7 for iPhone owners?

I personally bought an Apple Watch Series 7 a few months ago (yes, for more than that, too bad for me), and I was amazed by one thing: the connected watch has become my best ally for my ‘help to…disconnect me.

It may sound silly said like that, but when you think about it, it makes sense. I’m 27, and like many people of my generation, I’m addicted to my iPhone. I spend there between 3 and 4 hours a day on average. Before the Watch, it was nearly double.

Each vibration of my phone for any reason became an excuse to go on social networks or check certain online games. My fingers went there almost automatically. Ever since I got an Apple Watch, I check my notifications on my wrist. I see them… and I move on. I’m no longer tempted to navigate from addictive apps to addictive apps.

Of course, there are other huge benefits. The Apple Watch pairs perfectly with an iPhone and serves, among other things:

  • to pay without touching very naturally
  • use Siri more intuitively
  • to find one’s way in the street thanks to the GPS
  • to have a follow-up jock particularly motivating (the small circles are very playful)
  • to follow also a lot of data from health thanks to the array of sensors
  • to offer all the advantages of a smartphone to a child without its drawbacks
  • at save the lives of the elderly calling for help in the event of a fall

In short, the uses are multiple and we understand the popularity of the machine easily.

Compared to the Series 6, the biggest advantage of this new version is the screen size which has been increased by 20% without increasing the size of the case thanks to the curved edges.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 at 379€ on Amazon

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