the mayor of Caudry challenges Nestlé on the restart of the factory

The Buitoni factory in Caudry has been closed for five months following the contaminated pizza scandal. The mayor of the town is worried about the lack of information on the reopening and challenges Nestlé.

For the 180 employees of the Buitoni factory in Caudry (North), the concern is felt. In the latter, closed for five months, a partial resumption of activity would have been announced by the management for the end of next November.

The Caudry factory, where the pizzas of the “Fraich’Up” range were produced, accused by the health authorities of being the cause of the E.Coli bacteria poisoning of dozens of children, and of the death of two of them last March had been reported for deplorable hygienic conditions.

A restart after the start of the World Cup

The restart of the factory, which continues to be postponed according to the mayor of the commune Frédéric Bricout, is for the latter in bad timing. “The management announces a restart only in week 46 (from November 14 to 20) when the World Cup will have started. It is an event which nevertheless generates a lot of pizza consumption”, protests the mayor of the municipality.

“Even if the company resumes its activity, there is a big concern to see the number of frozen pizzas not take off”, confides the mayor of Caudry at the microphone of BFM Grand Lille.

“Nestlé France does not provide the means”

A reopening date that leads the mayor of the town to question the sustainability of the factory. Frédéric Bricout therefore decided to challenge Nestlé – the parent company of Buitoni. “Rather than working 35 hours in 3×8 – that is to say three different teams who take turns on the same workstation for 24 hours from Monday to Friday, editor’s note – to give a boost and bring the company up to standard, it was asked to work two, or even only one day per week”, deplores the mayor of Caudry.

“I really have the impression that the management of Nestlé France does not put the means and does not want to see the Buitoni factory in Caudry restart”, confides the city councilor at the microphone of BFM Grand Lille.

Frédéric Bricout therefore asks for guarantees and a commitment from Nestlé. For its part, the Swiss multinational announces that an investigation plan is underway during which 2000 analyzes were carried out. The results of the survey would be available within a few weeks.

Elise Dherbomez with Alixan Lavorel

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