The lowest calorie pizzas to consume without moderation (or almost)

After sweets and cereals, it’s pizzas to move on to calorie detectors. Pizza Margherita, Savoyarde, Hawaiian, honey goat cheese… Discover the ranking of the lowest calorie pizzas.

Did you know ? The French, with their 819 million pizzas consumed per year, rank third among the biggest consumers, behind the United States and AHEAD of Italy! Pizza is our guilty pleasure for a little Netflix and chill on the couch. Impossible to resist the urge to make a house or to order one… Then it’s comforting.

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Caloric pizzas / Credit: Istock

Unfortunately, pizzas are high in calories for some! It is still possible to eat it, rest assured. Just choose the low calorie pizzas.

What are the lowest calorie pizzas?

Pizza has always had the label of the “junk food” dish that one avoids if one is on a diet. However, the pizza is composed of all the necessary foods for a complete dish: starches, vegetables and proteins. The secret is not to abuse it.

Pizzas with friends / Credit: Istock

Here is the list of the lowest calorie pizzas to eat in moderation (or almost):

  • Hawaiian pizza 115 calories per 100g
  • Four season pizza 188 calories per 100g
  • Pizza Queen 195 calories per 100g
  • Goat cheese pizza 219 calories per 100g
  • Pizza Calzone 231 calories per 100g

Here is the list of the most caloric pizzas:

  • Margherita pizza 275 calories per 100g
  • The chorizo ​​pizza 268 calories per 100g
  • vegetarian pizza 256 calories per 100g
  • tuna pizza 254 calories per 100g
  • Pizza Capricciosa 260 calories per 100g

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