The iPhone SE 2022, the main asset of Apple’s sales in the second quarter of 2022 in Europe

Who said there was no point in selling an iPhone with big borders in 2022? According to a new study, it was the iPhone SE 5G (2022) that sold very well in the second quarter. As a result, Apple has the second market share in smartphones in Europe over this period.

The iPhone SE, not so old-fashioned

Thanks to Counterpoint Research’s quarterly study, we know a little more about smartphone shipments in Europe over the past three months. First general observation, deliveries have decreased by almost 11% (second quarter 2022) compared to the same period of the previous year.

Samsung still remains the leader with a market share of 32%, up from 27% in Q2 2021, although it should be noted that the closure of factories in Vietnam had impacted the results. On Apple’s side, it’s the iPhone SE 5G, released in March this year, that is helping the apple increase its shipments and market share year-on-year.

iphone se 2022 white

From the top of its 24% market share in Q2 2022 (21% in 2021), Apple can boast of being second ahead of Xiaomi (19%) which completes the podium. As indicated in the previous paragraph, it is the most affordable iPhone (and especially the most recent) which gives summer colors to the brand’s figures on our continent.

On the other hand, like the leader Samsung, Apple is paying a heavy price for its decision to stop selling devices in Russia following the conflict with Ukraine. In comparison with the first quarter, the second is down sharply, which is completely logical after such a decision.

Still, it’s important to point out that Q2 is rarely Apple’s most lucrative time. Q3, which includes September, should be a bit more cheerful thanks to the release of the iPhone 14 and we’re not even talking about Q4, which also includes the release of the new iPhone and the holiday season. .

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