The French Caroline Maya crowned “world champion of pizza”

Winning the World Pizza Championship is good. But doing it in Italy, the “homeland” of this universally appreciated dish, is a feat accomplished by a Frenchwoman!

Established near Lyon since 2017, Caroline was indeed crowned (in duo with chef Alain-Patrick Fauconnet) in April 2022 thanks to a gourmet pizza with seafood.

Pizza, a family affair

“I gave myself this challenge because my father was international champion and first Frenchman at the world championships, but not world champion, specifies this pizzaïola mother of two children. I said to myself: “The day I will be world champion, my father will no longer have any doubts about me”; And there, I proved to him that he could trust me.

It must be said that pizza is a “family affair” for Caroline: “It was my grandmother who set up the pizzeria in 1987. She only had pizza à la carte. Then she passed the business on to her two sons, who carried on…and here I am, she smiles. Our family comes from Italy and we are all from the restaurant industry. Everyone has pizzerias, restaurants. We’re all in there! “.

Discover the story of his victory in this video from our partner Brut.

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