The best Regina pizza in Paris is located in the 10th arrondissement and it costs 14 euros

It’s official: the best Regina pizza in Paris in 2022 is at the pizzeria Da Giuseppe located at 76 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière in the 10e borough. This prestigious title goes to him after the deliberation of a jury of experts on Monday May 16 as part of the first edition of the Cultural Festival organized by the Food Publicist Agency and Alexis Pizzacrusader.

12 candidates competed before being decided by chefs Denny Imbroisi, Julien Serri and Giuseppe Cutraro, who himself had just been crowned “Best Chef Pizzaiolo 2022” by the international jury of 50 Top Pizza on May 12. They all took into account the following 5 criteria: aesthetics, cooking, quality of the dough, taste and quality of the ingredients. It also goes without saying that the pizza presented to the jury had to correspond to the recipe of the Regina and therefore include tomatoes, mozzarella, cooked ham and button mushrooms. The addition of other ingredients was authorized as long as they did not alter the original recipe. In addition to its Regina, Da Giuseppe offers pizzas ranging from the classic Margharita to the more sophisticated Da Giuseppe, including pistachio cream, mozzarella, mortadella, basil, cherry tomatoes and spices. All pizzas in the restaurant are included in a price range of 10 to 19 euros.

On the podium for the best Regina pizza in Paris, that of the Da Graziella restaurant located at 43 rue des Petites Écuries in the 10e arrondissement of Paris occupies the second position in the ranking. In third place comes the Regina pizza from the La Vittoria restaurant, located at 173 rue du Temple in the 3e borough.


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