The best pizzeria in Europe stays in Paris

The Neapolitan pizza of Giuseppe Cutraro, pizza maker who owns two addresses in Paris. Peppe Pizzeria

Peppe, in the 20eby Neapolitan Giuseppe Cutraro, wins, for the second consecutive year, the ranking of the transalpine guide 50 Top Pizza outside La Botte.

Bis repeat! The title of best pizzeria in Europe – outside Italy – remains in France. Presented Thursday evening at the San Babila theater in Milan, it returns, for the second consecutive year, to the Neapolitan Giuseppe Cutraro for his address Peppe, at the top of rue Saint-Blaise, in Paris 20e. He also won the prize for best pizza maker of the year.

21 countries are represented in the ranking, carried out by inspectors who pay their bills. Peppe is ahead of Fratelli Figurato, in Madrid, and 50 Kalò, in London – which had won the first two editions of this ranking launched in 2019 by the transalpine guide 50 Top Pizza.

Peppe Pizzeria opened in January 2020 and is always full (reservation required!). Cutraro has also opened a second left bank address, Casa di Peppe (222, rue Saint-Jacques, 5e), last summer.

The 30-year-old born in the working-class neighborhoods of Naples has worked his way up, notably as executive chef of the successful French trattoria group Big Mamma. In 2019 he won the Neapolitan Pizza World Championship, with a recipe with yellow cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, Parma ham, provolone, grilled almonds and fig jam (see photo above). It offers delicious discs with thick edges, in the purest Neapolitan tradition, with a dough worked to make it more digestible and classic but also creative fillings, imagined in the style of a cook.

London, capital of pizza

Four addresses located in France – all in Île-de-France – are in the top 50 (compared to 5 in 2021): in addition to Peppe, the new 400° Laboratorio (11e) by Gennaro Nasti (ex-Bijou and Popine), on the 17e place (best entry in the ranking); the safe bet Guillaume Grasso (15e), at the 23e ; and the surprise of the new IMperfetto (Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine) at the 40e.

London ranks 5 pizzerias in the 50, asserting itself as the most awarded European capital ahead of Copenhagen, with 4 addresses (including Baest, 4e).

England would thus be the country where the best pizzas are eaten outside La Botte, on a par with Spain, also at 5 restaurants in the top 50 (including 3 in the top 10), and ahead of France and Belgium (at 4).

Top 10:

1/ Peppe Pizzeria (Paris)

2/ Fratelli Figurato (Madrid)

3/ 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo (London)

4/ Baest (Copenhagen)

5/ Sartoria Panatieri (Barcelona)

6/ Via Toledo Enopizzeria (Vienna)

7/ Pizza Zulu (Fürth, Germany)

8/ La Piola Pizza (Brussels)

9/ Kytaly (Geneva)

10/ La Balmesina (Barcelona)

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