The best pizza in the world in Saint-Priest near Lyon

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Certainly, the Lyon region has many talents, crowned regularly, with titles of world champion of Tiramisu. But also pizza world champion. Focus today on Caroline Maya, a French stronger than the Italians!

The best pizza in the world: a family affair

The summer period is ideal to take a look at the many talents that have been crowned since the beginning of the year. Indeed, on April 7, Caroline Maya won the world champion prize with her once upon a time gourmet pizza (“C’era una volta”). A distinction obtained in Parma.

The young woman grew up in a family pizzeria. The latter was built in place of a garage. The establishment was founded in 1987, under the aegis of Caroline’s grandmother. Then it was his father and uncle who took over.

The best pizza in the world in Saint-Priest: like father like daughter

Subsequently, the young pizza maker began her career in 2007 when she was still only a high school student. During this period she works at the pizzeria only on Sundays. Gradually, she gets involved in the family business. However, she intends to be a childcare worker. Finally she tells her father that she wants to take over the family business.

Caroline Maya was at a good school because her father was both international champion, French champion and the first Frenchman in the world championship. Thus, following in her footsteps, she gradually embarked on competitions. Quickly, she obtained several French champion prizes. In particular the most beautiful pizza in 2014. Then awards in the Teglia pizza category in 2019 and in the Due category in 2021. And therefore now world champion in 2022!

A gourmet pizza

To win this distinction, the pizza maker trained for several months. Eventually, she won her prize in the Due category, a gourmet pizza. However, customers of Puits Vieux pizzas in Saint-Priest will not be able to taste it. Because it is very expensive. Indeed, it is made with a base of sea urchin and lobster bisque, scallops burnt with a blowtorch, squid ink tulle, sea urchin caviar as well as prawns marinated in citrus fruits and flambéed in sake .

Caroline Maya did not create a special paste for this occasion. Indeed, it is the same dough that she uses daily: 16 hours of fermentation, then 48 hours in cold storage. Thus, you will be able to appreciate its know-how at the Pizzeria du Puits Vieux with other equally delicious creations! In total, the establishment offers about fifty pizzas.

Herve Troccaz

Old Well Pizzas
📍 43 rue du Puits Vieux

69800 Saint-Priest

☎️ 04 78 20 08 81

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