Want to embark on a homemade pizza ? Succumb to outdoor pizza oven for a recipe worthy of Italian pizza makers.

Pizza oven: an essential for convivial meals outdoors

When the good weather returns, we have only one desire: to enjoy the outdoors. For the lucky ones who have a garden, a terrace or a balcony, it’s time to redevelop your little corner of greenery. Garden furniture, garden table and chairs, deckchair, hanging chair, outdoor lighting…we bring new life to this space left abandoned during the winter. A place of relaxation and conviviality where one likes to share meals with family or friends. Barbecue, plancha but also Pizza oven are among the essentials for a convivial meal in the open air. The pizza oven is one of the new trends of 2022 for cooking outdoors. An alternative to grilled meats, fish and vegetables. A moment of sharing that turns into a fun activity. Everyone can choose the ingredients they want for make your own pizza. The pizza is ready in just one minute!

Outdoor pizza oven: how to choose it?

the Pizza oven comes in different forms: wood, gas or electric. An alternative for every need.

  • Wood-fired pizza oven. The wood-fired pizza oven is the one that gives pizza that exceptional taste found in pizzerias. Indeed, it ensures rapid cooking of pizzas thanks to high temperatures. Thus, the sugars of the dough caramelize, while guaranteeing a pleasant appearance of pizzas cooked over a wood fire. Attention, it is necessary to watch carefully for perfect cooking. Temperature and draft are controlled by opening and closing the door. It is advisable to turn on your pizza oven 30 minutes before to have an ideal heat for an even cooking of the pizza.
  • Gas pizza oven. The gas pizza oven provides great performance close to a wood oven. The gas burner frees up space in the cooking chamber. This type of pizza oven is easy to use because it often has an ignition and temperature adjustment button.
  • Electric pizza oven. Big advantage: this type of pizza oven is often compact. It is easy to use and store. Less efficient than the other 2 pizza ovens, it is however equipped with a timer and a thermostat. It can thus be used to replace an oven for baking sweet, savory pies or bread. It is very suitable for cooking and reheating fresh pre-cooked or frozen pizzas. This type of pizza oven is mainly used indoors.

How to make a homemade pizza worthy of Italian pizza makers?

If you decide to make homemade pizza succumbing to the pizza oven, you will need make your own pizza dough. The secret to a pizza worthy of Italian pizza makers! For this you will need flour, salt, yeast, olive oil and water as well as a rolling pin.

No need to go to the restaurant to enjoy a quality pizza!