The Barilla pasta box or the $199 pasta bag

By Leila Driss on 08/10/2021 at 4:14 p.m.

The Barilla pasta bag, the new summer fashion accessory.

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Divert a trivial object to make it a luxury item. This is the very principle of this new bag created by New York artist Nikolas Bentel and which has already made a lot of noise.

Packaging, mention of ingredients, volume and preparation advice… The Barilla bag looks just like the box of pasta from the same brand.

With the exception that the new fashion accessory that we owe to the American artist Nikolas Bentel is in leather, and that it is positioned halfway between contemporary art and design. Another difference in size between these two containers, the fashion version has a rigid handle to be able to be carried by hand as well as a shoulder strap for carrying on the shoulder.

But why turn a box of pasta into a fashion accessory?, we wonder, skeptical, faced with this creation sold at the exorbitant price of 199 dollars, nearly a hundred times more expensive than a box of pasta from the Italian brand (!).

“During the worst months of the pandemic, just about everyone had an identical experience staring at that box of pasta. Why not try to reinvent the role of this food in something a little more exciting”, retorts the creator, in a press release.

To acquire this pasta bag, which only exists in one hundred copies, go to the designer’s website, and not the Italian brand Barilla, which is in no way affiliated with this project aimed, as the fashion trend of the moment, to divert an everyday object into a luxury item.

By Leila Driss


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