the bad news of Gad Elmaleh announced to his fans on Instagram

The end of a great adventure… temporarily. Like all artists, Gad Elmaleh needs to take a few days off and rest in order to come back in great shape. It must be said that the 51-year-old comedian is not one to rest on his laurels. It is for this reason that he has always been so successful for all these years.

A success that he owes to his many shows but also one of his first films: Pet. A feature film in which Gad Elmaleh plays a transvestite looking for his nephew. Even several years after its release, fans of the comedian have not forgotten anything about this film and in particular one of his most famous replicas. In any case, this is what he made Nikos Aliagas understand on July 2 when he was invited to the show. 50’Inside on TF1.

Need some rest

To the host, Raphaël and Noé’s dad assured that Pet still had a lot of impact on the French, even though the film was released in 2003. “What I’m told almost every day of my life is I love sushi”reveals the comedian before wondering “How did this thing stay?”. “It has become cult”Nikos then replies before Gad confides: “It’s crazy, it’s completely beyond you because I really didn’t bet on it, it was just a line in the scene and in the whole film. But why the people on the sushi… Why?”.

Like what, all it takes is a well-chosen sentence for it to remain anchored in one’s mind. Thanks to his cult phrases and his hilarious sketches, Gad Elmaleh continues to go on stage but in a few days, he will perform his last show. Indeed, on his Instagram account, he posted a video of his last show in Colmar before announcing bad news: “Thank you Colmar @favcolmar. It was magical. RV Sunday at Sollies Pont for the last show of the summer”. Fans of the actor will then have to wait until the start of the school year, or later, before finding their favorite personality on stage.

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