The absurd complaint against Apple of an iPhone app that will bring back memories

News hardware The absurd complaint against Apple of an iPhone app that will bring back memories

This jailbreak application may bring back some memories. After a lost legal battle, the developer of the famous Cydia jailbreak app is relaunching a second complaint that could well succeed.

Cydia attacks the App Store

For many people who had among the first generations of iPhones, Cydia stands for jailbreak. The application was intended to add functions to iOS, add applications to cheat games or of course download sometimes paid apps for free. We suspect that Apple should not really appreciate this Store of alternative apps.

Especially since the Store of Cydia existed even before the arrival of the official App Store. He thus came to fill the gaps of Apple in terms of software development. Today, Cydia has been abandoned by many, because Apple has been able to implement new features over the years.

Today, the developer sees itself more as an app store competitor to the App Store. He always advocates loud and clear the assets of the jailbreak. Currently to get Cydia you have to do many more steps and go through other applications. The developer is neither available on the App Store nor for download on its own site. This is where Cydia challenges this ban.

This is very reminiscent of the complaint from Epic Games which criticized Apple for refusing to be able to install applications on iOS. Applications can be installed from the App Store and only the App Store. No alternative app store has permission.

Cydia’s first lawsuit was denied due to an overdue statute of limitations.

A Second Stronger Cydia Complaint

Cydia therefore attacks Apple again by denouncing updates between 2018 and 2020 that would have harmed the development of alternative Stores. Currently to install an alternative application store, you must have a jailbroken iPhone.

Beyond distributing their own apps outside of the App Store, Cydia wants to be able to make alternative payments outside of the commissions Apple charges. Cydia has a full app store. The developer manages everything from A to Z. It is thus completely independent of Apple’s infrastructure. This can allow him to score points in the trial.

What are Cydia’s odds of winning?

We are at the stage where it may be 50/50. On the one hand, the judge in the Epic Games case is rather in favor of Apple, which will not help Cydia’s complaint. Especially since she wants to speed up the process. The results of this case are expected to arrive by October 2022.

On the other sidethe European Commission absolutely wants to allow the addition of alternative Stores to Android and iOS. With the “Digital Market Act”, which should be approved between September and October, this will force iOS in Europe to open up its ecosystem to other application stores. If he refuses, the penalties will amount to 10% of their turnover.

In the end, anything can happen in this case. On the one hand, Justice can go in favor of Apple if the firm wins its lawsuit against Epic Games. On the other hand, it could go in the direction of the European Commission.

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