That mistake you make reheating pizza

As much as it makes us salivate when it arrives hot in its box, dripping with cheese… As much as when you take it out of the fridge the next day, the food frozen together, it is much less desirable. But is that really a reason to throw our leftover pizza, which did not ask to end up in the bottom of our trash can? Especially since the period is really not about food waste, but more about the preservation of foodstuffs, both from an ethical and ecological point of view, out of respect for the planet.

THE good trick to reheat your pizza

It’s true, our first reflex, in lazy mode, is to slip the slices of pizza leftovers in the microwave on full power. Two minutes later, here we are with a very hot pizza yes, but ultra soft and which has lost its aesthetic appeal, it must be admitted… And for good reason: pizza is one of the foods not to be put in the microwave. waves.

A little more motivated sometimes, we say to ourselves that baking will solve all our problems. This is partly true, but not entirely satisfactory either. The, pizza is no longer soft, of course, but it often ends up being much overcooked (since it was already) and much too crispy.

We had never really thought of it, and yet the operation is as simple as pie. At least not more complicated, nor longer, than that which consists in sliding the pizza in the oven after waiting for the latter to preheat.

Take a non-stick pan (failing this, very lightly oil the bottom) and when it is hot, place the slices of pizza in it. Adjust the heat to a medium intensity so that the dough does not burn, but keeps all its crispiness. Once the cheese is melted, it’s ready! To speed up the process, you can even place a lid on your pan for faster heat distribution, without drying out your pizza.

How to reheat a pizza in the oven?

You don’t have hotplates or a frying pan available? Some small apartments or student accommodation sometimes only offer a small oven. But don’t panic, you can still enjoy it. Just use the same technique as saving hardened bread. Moisten the crust, and place your pizza on a baking sheet or rack for a few minutes for a delicious result, as if your pizza had just been prepared!

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