Teenage killer in the Hérault: what the second psychiatric examination of the young parricide reveals

Léa, 13, murdered her father, injured her mother and her younger sister with a knife on March 14. A first expert estimated that she suffered from psychiatric disorders.

Léa, 13, did she want to kill her whole family on the orders of an imaginary character or was she in the midst of a psychiatric delirium? Since the tragedy that occurred on Sunday March 14 in the family villa of Fabrègues (Hérault), an investigating judge from Montpellier has been trying to understand what prompted the teenager to kill her father and seriously injure her mother and one of his 8-year-old sisters with knives, after having in extremis renounced to cut the throat of the six-year-old youngest.

Slender Man, Jeff the Killer and the Creepy Pasta

The young girl, imprisoned for “assassination and assassination attempts” says she acted to respond to the injunctions of imaginary characters who fascinated her on the internet. These heroes of fiction and horror film scripts, Slender Man, Ticci Toby or Jeff the Killer, grouped under the term “Creepy Pasta”, also fascinated his friend Amélie, 14 years old today. Amélie was with Léa on the day of the crime, and is imprisoned at Baumettes for “attempted and complicit in assassination.”

Psychotic disorders and hallucinations

The first psychiatrist who saw Léa noted in June “psychotic disorders of a form rarely seen at this age”and noted “the persistence of erroneous beliefs and hallucinatory phenomena.” According to him, his mental state and his discernment abolished by this mental pathology make a trial impossible: Léa must go to a psychiatric hospital, and not to prison.

The investigating judge has appointed two new experts: they have just submitted their report. They also describe “characterized psychiatric disorders” and an “very progressive onset pathology”having “evolved quietly over several years without his relatives noticing any difficulties”.

Passionate about reading Stephen King’s books

From an early age, Léa “particularly invested in imaginary life”, had “passionate about reading” “fantastic and horrifying works, especially those of Stephen King”, and had invented “an imaginary friend, a reassuring specular double” who “still remains today virtually by her side.”

She also suffered from auditory hallucinations, around the character of Slender Man, “an evil creature” that she perceives to be real. “Committing a crime could be a way to join him.” They finally point to the existence “family history of the order of psychosis”.

Schizophrenia and self-harm risk

For them, there is no possible doubt: “She yielded to the injunctions of persecuting voices enjoining her to kill her family” while she was “totally delirious”, no doubt because “of very early onset schizophrenia.” The appearance of the Creepy Pasta would not be the triggering factor for the mental illness which “has only borrowed this theme secondarily.”

They too believe that Léa cannot be judged. But they emphasize that he needs much more psychiatric care than today, given the risk of “self-aggressive acting out.”

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