Tasty stopover on the Plain (pizza workshop and tastings of original local and eco-responsible products) Plaine Winston Churchill, September 18, 2022, Lille.

Tasty stopover on the Plaine (pizza workshop and tastings of original local and eco-responsible products) Sunday September 18, 10:30 a.m. Plaine Winston Churchill
Free participation in workshops and tastings and sale of pizzas.
Getting hands-on, tasting (blind) original products, smelling the aromas of cooking over a wood fire, a welcome taste break on the hiking trail!

Plaine Winston Churchill rue Paul Ramadier Lille Vieux-Lille Lille 59043 North Hauts-de-France

Stop for a moment in front of the mobile pizzeria, prepare then taste and share a pizza: get your hands dirty, discover the slow maturing and sourdough processes… Young and old are invited to discover the sweetness of the dough, listen to the the crackling of cooking, smelling the sweet aromas that come out of the mobile oven, observing the swelling of the dough… the experience titillates all the senses and we realize that, yes, it is nature that offers us all that!
Barely further, there are tastings of delicious eco-responsible products, made from peelings (anti-waste!) and other vegetable products, drinks fermented by natural processes whose secrets you will discover. A tasty break during your hike on the ramparts of Old Lille.
Animation offered by the mobile pizzeria La Roue Libre and the Consignerie, members of the third place AU FIL DE SOI

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